2019 Fresh Perspectives Monthly Fridge Sheet


2019 Fresh Perspectives Monthly Fridge Sheet


If you’re not into resolutions but want to keep track of the good things in your life you’re doing - we’ve made the perfect document for you!

Our Fresh Perspectives Fridge Sheet is exactly as the name suggests - you print it out, stick it on your fridge and get on with your days.

The 2019 Fresh Perspectives Fridge Sheet includes:

  • Tear away tasks that will get you thinking and acting fresh

  • A decision tree to help you manage your time better when deciding whether you should accept social invites and attend events

  • A blank calendar to let you track the # of times you want to do something each month

  • A self-fillable “do more” vs “do less” of list

  • A section to offer yourself gentle reminders throughout the month

  • Quote bubbles to add your own quotes and ideas

  • Notes section to keep you on top of whatever is important to you

We hope you enjoy our Fridge Sheet and wish you a successful 2019!