About Us

Nikki has more than a decade of experience developing and implementing full-cycle administrative and corporate solutions for the public and private sectors.

She has worked for more than five public bodies before moving her expertise into the private sector. Nikki has grown to consult with small to medium sized companies to improve employee retention, increase sales and develop systematic processes to manage growth and success. Company owners, individuals and government departments have benefited from the fresh perspectives Nikki provides to decrease systematic bottlenecks, increase innovation and identify strengths and opportunities for future business.

Born in Northern Newfoundland but raised mostly in Southwestern Ontario, Nikki was the first person in four generations of her family to attend post-secondary education. Graduating with an Honours Bachelor degree in Legal Studies, and a Minor in Human Resources from the University of Waterloo (UW), Nikki has ambitiously achieved goals she once thought were impossible. During her time at Waterloo, she was awarded governance and leadership scholarships and was elected by her student body into president and vice-president roles, four years in a row. Nikki was one of the first undergraduate students to become a facilitator in the UW Leadership Program, where students were trained in public speaking, board meetings, mediation and conflict resolution. But that was ten years ago…

Upon graduating, Nikki was approached and offered a life-changing opportunity to move to Whistler, British Columbia with only three weeks notice when an internationally recognized retail company needed someone who could jump into the Whistler lifestyle and support their flagship operations. Jumping at the chance, she packed her bags and has been living in Whistler since 2011.

Since 2011, Nikki has adored and cherished Whistler and has worked hard to continue to live and thrive in a challenging and internationally diverse community. Moving beyond retail and administration in 2012, Nikki began to work with local service organizations and eventually began employment with the Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW). At the RMOW, Nikki worked in the Legislative Services Department and was promoted to higher roles each year to administer legislative and corporate services. Nikki regularly worked directly with the Mayor’s Office and Senior Management Team to administer committees, official records, correspondence, insurance claims and lawsuits, cemetery services, risk management, privacy compliance, access to information and elections. In her time at the RMOW, Nikki created and implemented annual events, awards and drafted policies, bylaws and procedures that are still used by other local governments across BC today. Some of these accomplishments include: The Civic Service Awards, Local Government Awareness Week Student Council Program, RMOW’s Online Voter Guide, Access to Information Services, Employee Privacy Training & On-boarding, the Community Enrichment Program, Committees of Council Staff Manuals, Agenda/Minute/Terms of Reference templates, and application forms for various appointments and recognition.

Outside of the office, Nikki became the on-site lead for provincial conferences like the Union of British Columbia Municipalities (UBCM) and has also worked or volunteered her services with Crankworx, the World Ski and Snowboard Festival, IRONMAN, TED conferences and elections for local, provincial and federal government. When not working, she serves on various boards for corporations, not-for-profits, alumni associations and continues to volunteer regularly her community for major special events, community service organizations and activism groups like refugee programs and women’s leadership/entrepreneur groups. Self-described as “forever curious” Nikki has also continued her education at Capilano University in the Local Government Management program, as well as training with local charities and not-for-profits to provide social services support and mentoring.

As the founder of Snowberry Consulting in 2017, Nikki is utilizing her unique life experience and education with her applied skills to be known as a consultant with a conscience. Nikki hopes to one day write a book, travel overseas each year and strives to give back to her community. Her greatest passion is sharing what she has learned with emerging young professionals who are working to break their socio-economic cycles to build brighter futures. Often overheard cracking jokes with her friends and colleagues or welcoming visitors to Whistler over a pint of Guinness, Nikki’s mantra is and forever will be “Work hard, stay positive and everything will be okay.”