Compliance doesn’t need to be complicated.

Bylaws, Policies & Procedures

We love bylaws because they are the heartbeat of local government. They provide a set of expectations to communities that is reviewed, discussed and approved in the public realm. Therefore, we support full-cycle bylaw research, drafting, including amendment and consolidation services. Is your organization in need of updated policies and procedures? Or is there never enough time (or budget) for your legislative department to to consolidate all of your amendments into one single bylaw? Bylaws are permanent records, so we offer experienced insight on how the next steps should look to ensure your employees have ease and understanding of how to move forward. If you’re not quite ready to start drafting new documents, we also provide research reviews to develop a picture of where your organization stands against a benchmark of parity governments.

Transcription Services and Meeting Records Management (British Columbia Only)

Snowberry provides secure and confidential transcription services for legal, investigation, human resources, board governance, media, research, academic, interview and focus groups. With over a decade of public body experience, acronyms and commonly misunderstood phrases or references won’t be a challenge to our team. Our transcripts are done in Canada using Canadian based data servers, to ensure we not only meet, but we exceed British Columbia’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) requirements. We deliver accurate, polished transcripts every time, with special notations for consideration when recordings and meetings are not clearly recorded. We also offer interim minute taking services for board meetings, public meetings and other important events that require specialized documentation.

Staff Training and Facilitation

Transparency of enforceable legislation and the “why” behind the compliance requires informed, trained and engaged employees. With growing public expectations for easier and clearer government processes, now is the time for organizations to invest in practical, positive and proactive training for your employees. Working with department leads and your human resources department, we schedule training, facilitation and solutions mapping workshops for a variety of corporate administration and compliance needs.

Privacy Compliance (FIPPA) & Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs)

Did you know that every new program or activity of each public body in British Columbia requires a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA)? In fact, every time personal information is collected from an individual by a public body, you are required to adhere to strict privacy legislation considering the collection, use, disclosure and destruction of the information. Are you prepared for this? What about a privacy breach? We can set your systems and processes in line with emerging legislation and regulations and proactively design your privacy breach management protocols.

Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL)

Does your public body send newsletters or commercial email communications? Each newsletter sent needs to have express consent and contain required information, unless it falls under very limited exceptions of Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation. We help your departments navigate what communication protocols should be in place, as well as set up systems to ensure future compliance. We can develop the notification system, record retention and staff training modules and templates needed for your organization to be compliant with CASL for all implied and express consent requirements.

Community Engagement Programs & Events

We have vast experience developing public body special and community engagement events. Whether it is volunteer recognition, Local Government Awareness Week, presenting local awards or planning and organizing a special community panel to discuss key issues in a respectful and organized manner, we have you covered. Event planning, promotion, budget management and communication plans will be part of the service offering to help your community feel more connected and involved in the day to day lives of your residents and property owners.

Interim Support Services

Are you experiencing a labour gap in a key corporate administration role? We offer interim support services for short term vacancies for the following areas: Council support services, legislative and legal services, corporate officer administration, privacy and access to information, records management, cemetery services, insurance claims, special events, human resources employee on-boarding/training, committee and public meeting administration and much more. Temporary relocation services are available, dependent on location and duration. Please note: We are not offering election support services at this time.

And so much more…

Having worked directly in the legislative, customer service and organizational development departments across multiple public bodies, we are capable of handling large portfolios in other areas of expertise not listed here. We encourage you to reach out to complete our consultation form below to see if we can support your organizational needs. If we feel your service needs are outside of the scope of our service offerings, we will happily connect you to a trusted partner organization or consultancy firm for free.