“Saved us countless hours.”

Nikki was able to assist us with our online mailing system to ensure we were compliant with the laws while ensuring our methods didn’t require us to start over each year. She gave us the language to obtain express consent for all of our future event promotions to keep our mailing list thriving and not stale.

— K. F. , Hospitality Professional
Service: Private Business Privacy & CASL Communications

“I truly appreciated your honesty and knowledge.”

Nikki gave me a clear direction on how to promote my campaign, she made a beautiful website, and kept me on track. Working with her saved me a ton of time that I would have spent second guessing myself.

— J.F. Elected Official
Service: Political Campaign Management

“She helped me change my career and land my dream job.”

Nikki was a former boss of mine when I lived in Whistler. I always kept in touch with over the years (which is a testament to who she is as a person when you want to stay in touch with a former manager!) When I found out she was providing individual support for people who wanted to steer their careers in a new direction, I immediately reached out to her. When I made it through all of the hiring stages of a dream job, I asked her to be a reference - which I think was the icing on the cake. Her reference articulated who I was in a professional way but gave them a sense of what I was capable of, not just that I was a good employee. With Nikki’s help I landed a dream job that I felt was impossible to achieve - but because she believed in me. I would 100% recommend her to anyone who is serious about making a positive change in their life to contact her and sign up for one of her program offerings to take the reigns of their life into their own hands.

— S. B., Private Business Advertising & Artistic Lead
Service: Fresh Perspectives Program

“Take your business to another level.”

Nikki listens to what you have to say and can take your business to another level that you did not consider. She can take you from working in your business to working on your business with mindful intentions for appropriate /desired growth. Her clarity and vision, matched with her goal setting and action items/deliverables for the team authentically builds your confidence as a business owner to move in the direction you want.

— E. W, Private Business Owner
Service: Administrative & Corporate Management Support (Monthly Retainer)

“Workflow is more productive.”

Since working with Nikki, our workflow is more productive and less time consuming. It was like she completely understood our issues from the get go. Nikki even picked up other practices that could be done a little differently that made things a lot easier. Working with Nikki, showed she truly cared to work with us to grow and improve our business practices and in the end alleviated a lot of stress. I would definitely recommend.

— R. J., Hospitality Executive
Service: Private Business Form and Process Development

“We have come a long way.”

The opportunity to hire Nikki came at a time when we were overwhelmed by the growth our business was dealing with. We were experiencing lots of "cracks" in our quality and service, a lot of us were doing a variety of same tasks. And when you are in the middle of it you don't always have the perspective you need to dig yourself out. Nikki came in, observed our operation, and conducted interviews with managers and employees. From that she was able to summarize her findings and come up with a number of recommendations that would help us move towards addressing our weaknesses. Although we are not all of the way there yet (things take time and we are still working on them), we have come a long way from where we were. The most important recommendation was hiring a human resources manager/administrative coordinator, something Nikki also helped us with. As a result of hiring Nikki, our roles are more defined, processes are in place to address the gaps, and we have a clearer idea of how to interact and keep each other accountable. In short, we are all doing our jobs better. And we have a document to refer to if we feel like we are getting off course.

- D. D., Private Business Owner
Service: Private Business Customer Service Review

“The very definition of a well-rounded individual.”

Nikki Best of Snowberry Consulting is the very definition of a well rounded individual. Her knowledge and breadth in so many areas is outstanding. When I decided to go out on my own and become a consultant, Nikki was one of the first people that I approached to steer me in the right direction and set myself up for success. From contract writing to bookkeeping to the legalities around running your own business, Nikki helped me with all of it and she gave me lots of forward thinking ideas that I would not have come up with on my own.

— S.S., Government Executive Director & Consultant
Service: Fresh Perspectives Program & Private Business Services

“100% yes.”

If asked if I would hire Nikki again, I would, without hesitation say 100% yes. You can’t go wrong. She was able to assist me in making life-changing, positive decisions and recognizing environments that I was putting myself in that didn’t serve my true potential and happiness. I don’t know what I would be doing right now without her kind and genuine advice.

— A.H., Aesthetics Professional
Service: Fresh Perspectives Program

“She gave us clear and achievable objectives.”

Nikki’s experience working with a variety of organizations is clearly evident. She didn't take sides or get distracted with our internal politics (unless it was a major problem we asked her to address). I was pleased with how well Nikki came to understand our complicated business. She gave us clear and achievable objectives. And other than an interview and some follow up meetings there wasn't a huge time commitment required from me either.

- P.T., Private Business Operations Manager
Service: Private Business Customer Service Review