The greatest joy in my life is knowing I have positively impacted another’s.

Who are you? Where are you in your life right now? Are you excited for tomorrow?
Do you feel restless or lost in this complex world, not knowing which way to focus your energy? How is your future outlook feeling? Craving a career change?

Sometimes all you need is a confidential and open-minded voice of reason to evaluate your options. If you’re looking in all directions, but have a hard time deciding which step to take next- you’re not alone.

Through our Fresh Perspectives Program, we can assist you to re-evaluate your goals, uncloud your focus and reignite the fire you have for your life. Not into that fluffy stuff? Don’t worry, we don’t work on vibes or crystals or horoscopes - we use tried, tested and true methods to give you a lifelong toolkit of perspectives and mindsets, including practical and timeless resources to document your growth. Are you looking to improve your interview skills, public speaking or grow your confidence from within? We can help!

What is the Fresh Perspectives Program?

Offering private sessions in a calm, open-minded and confidential setting, our Fresh Perspectives Program is for one time, short-term or long-term needs.

We work with you from the beginning of your assessment to set you up for future success - however you define it. If you’re not sure how you define success in your own life or are looking for a 2 hour session to conquer a personal or professional goal then our one-time Jump Start program is perfect for you. If you’re looking for a longer and meaningful journey in self-discovery, the 4 Week Wake-Up will help you identify actions and environments that are helping, hurting and holding you back. We work closely with you to arm yourself with the language, perspective and drive you need to make things finally happen that you’ve been aching for. If you would like ongoing support, check ins and sometimes figurative kick-in-the-butt to keep up your momentum then the Seasonal Shakeup is right a great way to move yourself confidently in the right direction.

Are you ready to refresh the outlook of your life, career and/or future?

A spider plant only needs NOURISHMENT and a safe space with room to grow, just like you. Let us help you make the space for your future growth.


  • Always be open minded and honest

  • Not fluff you up with unrealistic ideals

  • Ask you direct and meaningful questions

  • Not sugar coat the truth and way forward

  • Ensure strict confidentiality for all of your sessions

  • Discuss your behaviours/opinions in respectful ways

  • Offer practical and realistic ways to move you forward

  • Provide you a 100% refund should you be unsatisfied

Apply now to one of our 3 session offerings:

Jump Start

One 2-Hour Session

4 Week Wake-Up

Four 45-minute sessions in 4 weeks.

Seasonal Shakeup

1-hour session every week
*3-month commitment required