We address your essential and critical business priorities.

We offer confidential services to meet the demands of small and medium-sized businesses, self-employed professionals, business executives and larger corporations boards. We specialize in customer service reviews, productivity optimization, leadership development, strategic planning, business growth/change management and employee retention programs. Our fresh perspectives show business owners and leaders how to become more profitable, work less and ultimately enjoy their professional and personal lives more. We also provide tangible tracking methods, proprietary templates for your day-to-day operations and a comprehensive report detailing recommendations and next steps, should you desire one. Results, not reports!

Privacy & Communication Compliance 

Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) regulates that all private organizations who send email newsletters need to obtain express consent from each person while keeping diligent and secure records of the recipients. Do you know if your email consent mechanism is adequate? What about your records management and retention? Are you ensuring the privacy and protection of personal information for your clients? Not only will we reform your communication protocols to be compliant in the private business required Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA), we will develop your language disclaimers and map out your process for potential privacy breach management.

Values, Vision & Mission Statement Creation

Do you have defined set of values, vision and mission statements to lead your corporate decision making? If not, we can walk your through a discovery questionnaire process and provide you suggestions or drafted versions for your company to adopt. For a set fee, we can help your company determine why you are doing the work in the way you are that sets you apart from your competitors. We will also help to develop key corporate story statements and common language for owners and employees to use in the day to day business operations. When you have true and honest company values you provide your company a solid foundation to lead to positive decision making leading to the right kind of growth. This service is also provided remotely, so you can have your custom company values, vision and mission statement created within the month by clicking here.

Customer Service Reviews & Employee Wellness Programs

Retaining great employees is not as simple as giving them a raise. We perform in-depth customer service reviews for small to medium sized business to ensure your employees are happy, engaged and plan on sticking with you. The cost of repeatedly hiring and training unhappy employees is not something a busy and successful business should worry about. We perform confidential interviews with your employees, top customers and management team to recommend overall changes, while upholding the values, mission and vision of your organization. Our reviews also provide tangible tools, templates and custom resources for your staff to use, update and introduce to your your teams as they evolve.

Website Development & Content Management

For a flat rate we can design, build and train you on how to operate your own website. No more needing to call your web developer for huge hourly costs when we train you how to manage all of your own content upon completion. We proudly use the Squarespace content management system, and depending on how many details and applications you need installed, our average production timelines usually have clients running their own site within 1 month. We believe websites are works of true collaboration where we discuss with clients the purpose, emotion and flow they would like their visitors to have. Whether it’s a retail product you’re selling, running a campaign or just want to have a website to start your freelance/side hustle - we’ve done it all, and if we haven’t - we’re more than willing to give new work a try for a fraction of the cost for most website developers and support services.

Government Liaison and Support Agent Services

Working through government processes can seem tricky, daunting and time-consuming. By working with us as an agent representative for your next project or program, we learn, interpret and walk you through complex processes to allow your project or proposal the best chance of success. Additional areas of support include grant writing and applications, petitions, formal correspondence and comparative research. We have built meaningful and lasting relationships with key provincial, local and advocacy leaders to ensure your project starts off positively and collaboratively with the greatest chances of success. Please note: Due to current and ongoing government contract commitments, if a perceived conflict of interest arises, agent services are only available in select municipalities in British Columbia.

Special Event Management & Support

Do you want to run a fundraiser, special event or try a new special project/event in the community? We offer full-cycle event management and support services to ensure your events are well-attended, communicated clearly, complying in local authority requirements and above all - FUN! We set up systems for volunteer management, email communication, task boards and reporting structures so everyone involved knows not only what they are doing - they are given the how, when, where and why their contribution is important, increasing return volunteerism and engagement.

Retainer Support Services (Month to Month)

If you are a small or independently owned business that doesn’t have time or capability to hire part-time staff but still need help, our retainer services make us available to you every month for a pre-agreed amount of time. For a set retainer fee per month, you are guaranteed support services when you need them most. Whether it is addressing urgent needs, drafting communication, catching you up after a busy month or designing a process to streamline your work - we can help you lighten the workload. If pre-set retainer hours are not completely used each month, a percentage of hours can be rolled over into later months to ensure every dollar you provide to us is used effectively… or you can donate them to our Pro Bono Services program (and we will gladly tell you how your hourly contribution helped!) Because we invoice you directly for services, you don’t need to set up a payroll system, employee accounts or set aside time to train/manage staff. Retainer services are best for small business owners who are busy with their primary role and want to get (or keep) their momentum on track. Imagine having all those “someday when I have time” projects being completed while you are busy being the face of your company - we thrive when you thrive.

Public Speaking and Master of Ceremony Services

Big events need strong and inclusive voices. With our public speaking offerings, event organizers can be put at ease knowing their attendees will have an engaging, entertaining and unique speaker on the microphone. With our MC services, we keep vibe and flow of your desired event in mind while being extremely reliable, organized and professional… and of course, FUN! We have years of experience hosting or speaking at a variety of community-based events including festivals, concerts, fundraisers, trivia nights and we have even competed in stand-up comedy competitions. No crowd is too big and no event is too small.

And so much more…

With a diverse background in legislation, leadership and human resources, we provide a full-stack approach to providing timely, well-researched and forward-thinking solutions for a variety of complex and unique scenarios. Our intention is not only to identify and fix what is broken, the true goal of Snowberry is to introduce a shift in your organizational mindset, to dispose of negative approaches to leadership and provide proactive thinking habits that are meant to last long-term for the greater good of your team.

Snowberry will help you see the blind spots in your company that may be having negative impacts to your sales, staff morale and/or public image. Our team can identify change management needs and goals, open lines of communication and innovation, interpret and teach complex principles and legislation, provide referrals to trusted professionals, build and draft policies/procedures/manuals, provide staff training and development. If you don’t see a specific service need listed on this page, we encourage you to reach out on our form below.