“Why did you choose the name Snowberry?”

Snowberries are an elusive berry found under the thick brush and flora across the Northern Newfoundland landscape. Smelling slightly sweet, but refreshingly minty, these berries taste like a fresh cup of white tea, vanilla and sweet pine… almost like a tic-tac. When picked, foragers must act fast as these berries quickly lose their bright flavour and structure when held in hands. When Nikki is fortunate enough to visit her extended family in Newfoundland (it takes multiple flights to get there from Whistler!) she spends a majority of her time with her Nan picking berries and making homemade preserves. If they are lucky to find a snowberry bushel they immediately sit down together, forage as many as they can and devour them all by days’ end.

Snowberries are not meant to go to waste or be shelved.

Neither should the work and efforts of a great consultant.

As an emerging consultant, organizations have expressed that traditional consultants have a stigma that time, resources and efforts can be wasted once a final consulting report is presented. The stereotype is that consultants provide stale reports that get shelved because they contain unrealistic recommendations and repetitive information peppered with corporate jargon and things they “already knew.”

When Nikki started Snowberry Consulting, she truly didn’t know she was going to become a consultant. She was looking for new opportunities outside of public service when she was asked to help a few local organizations solve some of their biggest problems. Nikki was thrilled at the opportunities, but didn’t want to lock herself down with one company for the foreseeable future. Nikki responded back to these offers that she might be able to help them on a temporary contract basis. To her delight and surprise, three companies signed her on in the first month. Nikki then decided it was time to officially incorporate and start Snowberry Consulting Ltd. Since 2017, working mostly through direct referrals, Nikki has helped governments, organizations and individuals recognize the best parts of their operations and reduce wasteful practices while offering her fresh perspectives on a variety of topics.

Like a fresh picked snowberry, Nikki provides the best results when clients are truly looking for measurable and real results, not stale reports. If you would like to learn more, please feel free to review our service offerings and testimonials to see what other projects, campaigns, solutions and results Nikki has been foraging in British Columbia.

We look forward to connecting with you!