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“The very definition of a well-rounded individual.”

Nikki Best of Snowberry Consulting is the very definition of a well rounded individual. Her knowledge and breadth in so many areas is outstanding. When I decided to go out on my own and become a consultant, Nikki was one of the first people that I approached to steer me in the right direction and set myself up for success. From contract writing to bookkeeping to the legalities around running your own business, Nikki helped me with all of it and she gave me lots of forward thinking ideas that I would not have come up with on my own.

— S.S., Government Executive Director & Private Business Owner
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We are always working on new projects for a variety of clients. Reach out to Nikki, our Managing Director for a free consultation on how we can help.

If we identify service needs for you that fall outside of our scope of services, we will refer and introduce you to our trusted partner organizations at no cost. We won’t leave you hanging.

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